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My Secret Method For How I Get Into...


Concert Or Sporting Event

For Face Value Or 


(Ethically and Legally

Without Becoming A Victim To Scalpers & Resellers

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My "Tickets On Demand" System Is Simple To Follow...

...but it involves MUCH more than just holding a sign


(which you may have seen me doing in the video)

Here are some important details I've discovered and tested over the last 20 years that you DEFINITELY need to know:

  • Method for mapping our the venue (sections) so that you can leverage ticket price points. 

  • What type of clothes to wear to maximize your results.

  • Method for deciding how much youe willing to spend (or not spend) for the ticket(s).

  • ​Method for discovering the best "high-traffic" spots for faster results (sometimes I get my ticket(s) within minutes!)

  • ​Methods to avoid getting ripped off by Scalpers and Resellers (ticket touts).

  • ​Key strategy for negotiating down the ticket price

  • These tips that are included in my training

    are the reason I guarantee results

    Now Only $97!

    Many Experience Wanting To Go To A Concert Or Event But...

    It's Sold Out! 

    So What Can You Do?

    I remember when I was 10 years old I was watching Arsenal on the television playing Liverpool at Anfield and they needed to win 2-0 to win the league championship.

    Amazingly, Arsenal won by scoring the second goal within the last few seconds of the match! It was one of those moments I will never forget. The crowd was going nuts and the feeling was electric. 

    I remember thinking..., It must have been the greatest thing in the world to actually be there to experience this game LIVE because this might never happen again.

    That was the start of it all. My drive to come up with a way to get into any concert or event -- even if it's sold out, without paying ridiculous prices from scalpers or ticket touts (overpriced resellers).

    Of course like most things this was easier said than done. I started hanging out at venues and concert halls scouting the area before events would take place and talking to as many people as I could. 

    It wasn't long after that I started finding my ways into shows. Things were going perfectly with my "new system" until the unthinkable happened...

    ...people at the venue began questioning if my process was legal. 

    That planted a seed of doubt in my mind and before using this method again, i had to make sure i wasn't breaking any laws. 

    I contacted law enforcement as well as all of the various venues I had been to up to this point and verified everything I do and teach is 100% legitimate. 

    After confirming that what I was doing was legal, I thought all of my problems were solved. This is when I discovered ticket touts (resellers), scalpers, and flat out frauds selling fake tickets. 

    I had to figure out a sure fire way to protect myself against these unethical people. 

    This actually took years to hone into the flawless system it is today.

    In fact, I've been using my proven methods for over 22 years!

    I know what you're thinking...

    Is this even real?

    Is this legitimate?

    Well, here's what others are saying...

    Chris R. Manchester, UK

    "At first I was skeptical but decided to give it a try and it worked! I would highly recommend Laurence's method to anyone looking for tickets!"

    JB. London, UK

    "It's Fantastic, there's finally something out there that can save people a serious amount of money when trying to get into events! Thanks Laurence for helping me and my son get into the game!"

    What If An Event Is Sold Out...

    ...but you know that missing that concert or sporting event means a lifetime of regret?

    What are the options at that point?

    I can't even tell you how many people miss out on their dream of seeing an artist or team live... 

    ...just because they had to wait for their next paycheck -- and by then the event was sold out.

    The reality is, when an event is sold out, most of us just sit and fester in regret for not getting the tickets fast enough.

    It's either that or spend an arm and a leg to get a ticket from a scalper or reseller.

    What if there was a way to get around that?

    And what if it works for ANY sold out event?

    I Have Created

    Unforgettable Memories To

    Last A Lifetime...

    I created my system "Tickets On Demand" so that other fans of music and sports like myself, need not ever miss a memorable event because the ticket prices are unaffordable or sold out. 

    There have been so many historical events I missed because everything was sold out or at the time I simply couldn't afford it. 

    Many years ago I had the chance to see James Brown (The Godfather Of Soul) perform live in Florida but I decided not to go because I thought I could see him the next year or sometime in the future...

    ...unfortunately that never happened because he passed away. Just another example of why I refuse to miss an event or concert I really want to see, even if the venue is sold out.

    Watching the Men’s Basketball Final at The Olympic Games in '92 to see the USA Dream Team play with the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley & Scottie Pippen to name a few. I thought it would be amazing to see them play live.

    I actually did 20 years later! Using my ticket system I bought a face value ticket to the Men’s Basketball Final at the London 2012 Olympics at the O2, where I saw LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and James Harden!

    Or watching the Tennis at Wimbledon every year and thinking I wish I could have seen John McEnroe play but how do I get a ticket when it’s always sold out.

    Years later through my ticket system, I actually DID get to see John McEnroe play vs Born Borg at The Royal Albert Hall. I bought a face value ticket to the sold out event.

    I wish I could have gone to see the Live Aid concert in 1985 at Wembley Stadium.

    With "Tickets On Demand" I got to see it 20 years later in Hyde Park in 2005 and I was given a FREE Ticket in the VIP section using my system.

    Some of the other events that I would have loved to have seen is Muhammed Ali in a boxing match live or to see The Beatles, Abba, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury & Queen.

    I thought to myself...

    ...if I ever get a chance to go to an unforgettable event I must do all that I can to go even if I have very little money or that the tickets are sold out.

    That is why I created this ticket system to show people that it is possible to make their dream of seeing their favorite artist or team a reality. 

    Hi, Im Laurence Lameche...

    When I moved to London, I had to live out of my car for a little while.

    During that time, I had to become pretty creative in order to see any concert or sporting event.

    After trial and error I was able to perfect a system that has been proven to allow people to get into any concert or sporting event...

    ...even if it's sold out!

    I am so confident in my proven process that I even guarantee results or your money back!

    You Can Get My Complete 

    System Walk-Through For

    Only $97

    Get my proven 3-step process and get into any concert or sporting event For Face Value Or Less

    Even if the event is sold out!

    Get Exclusive Access Now!

    Here's What You Get!

    Part 1: Research... (Value $297)

    There's quite a bit of prep that goes into this process.

  • Knowing the floor plan- so you can identify the sections you would like to sit in.

  • Normal ticket pricing- so you can know what your willing to pay if you have to pay anything at all. 

  • What to wear- and why this is important. 

  • How to build confidence- Many people underestimate this...DONT. These are the types of details that will determine whether you're on the inside watching your favorite team play or stuck outside missing the show!

  • Part 2: Action... ($197)

    This is where the rubber meets the road and you do use the methods to properly negotiate and get into the sold out event.

    Full tutorials and examples inside, such as:

  • How to spot fake tickets

  • What to do when someone wants more than face value for the ticket

  • How to negotiate and find the section you want to sit in for the event

  • Part 3: Results... (Priceless)

    Enjoy the show!

  • Check Out These Bonuses!

    Bonus #1

    Facebook Group (Value $197)

    Be a part of my movement to truly create lasting memories with an entire community!

    Get support- While my process is straightforward and can be implemented by anyone, the truth is that you may run into responses from people that catch you off guard...people are unpredictable after all. It's times like these that having a group to support you can really pay off. Its also great to share your wins with the rest of the group.  

    Bonus #2

    Documentary - Laurence in Action (Value $297)

    See 30+ real life examples of me and other people like you actually doing the system live and in real time!

    You'll see me get tickets for chocolates, flowers, a book, and even for free!

    My 3 Step Process + All Those Bonuses

    $988 Worth Of Value

    Now Only $97

    Get Exclusive Access Now!

    There's ultimately two choices;

    #1. Do nothing and continue missing out on creating memories that last a lifetime

    #2. Learn and Implement my system and NEVER live with the regret of missing an event

    90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    If you try to use my system and it doesn't work, You get a 100% refund within the first 90 days!

    Here’s A Recap Of

    EVERYHING You'll


    When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!

  • ​Part 1: Research ($297 Value)

  • ​Part 2: Action ($197 Value)

  • Part 3: Result (Priceless)

  • ​Bonus 1: Exclusive Facebook Group ($197 Value)

  • ​Bonus 2: Real Documentaries ($297 Value)

  • ​Bonus 3: 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee! (Priceless)

  • Total Value: $988

    But today, you're getting all of this...

    For Only For


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    1. Is This Process Legitimate?

    I have been using this system for over 20 years and have even helped police officers get in. I promise it is perfectly legitimate.

    4. What If I Am An Introvert?

    I am quite shy as well and I prefer my own company. So even if you are Shy or an Introvert, this process is proven and transferrable. As long as you follow each step, anyone can do it. 

    Ive even helped teenagers get in for free.

    2. What Am I Guaranteed?

    You are guaranteed that if at anytime during the first 90 days you want your money back, no problem.

    I have trained many people around the world. For those that implement, there have been zero failures. 

    5. Laurence, I noticed that you live in the UK, will your system work anywhere?

    Absolutely yes! I have taught this system to many others who have used it in the USA, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, basically anywhere.

    3. How Long Will it take to implement?

    You can learn the whole process within one or two hours and therefore you can actually go out and get tickets today or tonight to sold out concerts and sporting events for face value or for less. 


    FOR $97!

    Get Exclusive Access Now!

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